If there’s one thing we know about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ front office since Lou Lamoriello became GM, it’s that they have an almost impenetrable cone of silence around their activities and intentions. Kyle Dubas has largely continued that trend, with the Matt Martin and Jake Muzzin trades largely coming out of nowhere.

It’s also clear that Kyle Dubas looks to help improve the team through less obvious ways. They need defensive help, but only on the right side? A pox on your handedness fetish, says he, I’ll get me another lefty who otherwise is exactly what the team needs in Jake Muzzin!

So maybe it shouldn’t be TOO surprising that, according to an unnamed executive, Kyle Dubas is highly interested in acquiring another left handed defenseman in Darnell Nurse from the Edmonton Oilers. The Hamilton, Ontario native fills a lot of boxes... he’s big (6’4”), plays heavy (119 hits this year), but he can pass the puck and contribute on offense (29 points this year).

Most importantly, for Dubas, he’s a former Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds guy!

He would also not be a rental, being a young and cost-controlled player with another year left on his bridge deal that he signed with Edmonton just this year for $3.2 million AAV. And even when the deal expires he would still be an RFA.

The unnamed executive says he’s heard from very trustworthy sources that a potential threeway deal is in the works between Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary. It would work out to something like this:

  • The Leafs send Ron Hainsey to Calgary for defensive prospect, Andrew Nielsen
  • The Leafs then packages Nielsen along with Connor Brown and a 2nd round pick to Edmonton
  • Edmonton sends Darnell Nurse to Toronto/

In the end, each team gets something they need. Calgary gets a veteran defenseman for their playoff run as insurance in case their young trio of Valimaki, Kylington and Andersson struggle. Edmonton gets a winger to help fix their awful depth on the wing, a defensive prospect to replace Nurse who has size and offensive upside and a draft pick to help their rebuild continue. The Leafs, meanwhile, improve on defense AND get younger, more skilled at the same time.

According to the unnamed executive, it just makes too much sense for each team involved. What do you think, Leafs fans?

Who says no to the three-way deal?

No one, it makes perfect sense!1323

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