The Maple Leafs made a big trade. Fulemin and I discuss it:

  • [1:20] The Kadri - Barrie trade
  • [4:35] Barrie as a player
  • [18:57] Why we’re excited by Alex Kerfoot
  • [35:35] The Zaitsev / Ceci trade
  • [55:43] The Leafs’ resulting cap situation
  • [57:15] The Leafs’ small signings
  • [1:04:00] The future of the Leafs cap situation and a possible Barrie extension impacting our view of the trade
  • [1:13:34] The Colin Miller trade, and whether the Leafs would’ve been better off competing on that trade./

We have some audio issues in this episode, where there’s some noise picked up by my mic when I speak — hopefully it’s not unlistenable. We’ll make sure it’s corrected for our next episode.