With July 1st coming up on Monday, which is also a holiday here in Canada, a lot of us will have a close eye on Twitter waiting for news.

News that Marner signs an extension, or an offer sheet, or gets traded to another team.

News that any of the other big RFAs get signed, or offer sheeted, or traded as well to see WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE LEAFS AND MITCH MARNER?

News that the Leafs have traded Zaitsev, or Brown, or Sparks.

News that the Leafs make a #BIGMOVE to acquire Sparky the top-pairing and right-shooting defenseman that they’ve so desperately needed for a long time.

News that the Leafs made a bunch of #smallmoves to fill their roster with quality depth at the cheap, like Ennis last year.

News that Tyler Myers signs a hilariously bad contract with Vancouver.

News that Jake Gardiner signs anywhere but with Toronto and makes us all sad.

I just have to say... we should probably all start preparing for disappointment. The Leafs will get through the weekend and Monday without trading Brown or Zaitsev, and if they do it will be for an underwhelming return more to free up cap space than anything else. Marner won’t be signed or offer sheeted or traded, in fact maybe no other RFA will have done so as they’re all waiting for someone else to go first. The Leafs won’t make a huge move to magically solve their defense. Maybe they sign some meh dudes that no one is excited about because they’re just like Ron Hainsey a few years ago.

And we watch as other teams (cough Benning cough) sign a silly contract or two, and some meh guys are signed to meh contracts. Maybe one or two of the big fish get signed, but that won’t be the Leafs this year.

IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR! [Tries to subtly push the picture of Pajama Boy under a box]

But what we DO have to look forward to, is the Rumour and Hot Take machine gearing up into overdrive as the weekend goes on. That’s what I think anyways, based on what I’ve heard from a rival blog exec.

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