It’s the offseason, so we don’t get to see the Leafs on the ice much anymore. But we do get to see them fire shots of a different kind. After Mitch Marner threw the first pitch at a Jays game earlier this week, Leafs have been going back and forth about it through social media.

First, let’s see the pitch.

Personally, I think that’s a pretty solid pitch. Don’t be a hero, just get it over the plate and not in the dirt. Unfortunately for Mitch, his teammates didn’t feel the same way.

Brian Boyle is the first to take aim, throwing shade at Mitch’s lack of power, and his lack of fashion.

Marner responded with this.

I notice he doesn’t address the jorts though. Don’t worry, that will come up later.

Meanwhile, his linemate gets in on the fun, and causes some collateral damage too. JVR pipes up with this haymaker.

Oof, the double kill. JVR doesn’t hit often, but apparently he hits hard. Kadri gets involved, to defend himself.

Using the Conor McGregor defense of ‘timing beats speed, precision beats power’, Naz cooly dusts off JVR’s chirp. I’m sure he’s heard worse.

Marner isn’t done either. He comes to his teammates aid as well, adding this in.

Aww, what a good teammate. And what would a good little chirping session be without the peanut gallery chiming in. In this case, it’s Connor Carrick, who replied to that Marner tweet with:

My reaction throughout all of this:

Oh, and we’re not done yet. Remember how Marner never addressed his jorts? They became a little bit of a talking point on social media, with a Leafs blogger (Tom Hunter of The Bloggers Tribune) joking about Marner’s fashion sense relative to Auston Matthews’. But Matthews backs up his buddy.

I love this team.

Are Jorts acceptable

Only if they’re ripped66
Whatever Auston/Mitch say443