Last night was the absolute best game of the whole World Junior Championship, in which Team Canada pulled off a last minute win in a tight, exciting game. The fact it just so happened to be the Gold Medal game made it even better.

Alas, no one will be talking about that, because of the massive controversy that came after the medals were handed out. I am, of course, talking about this:

So... I need to break this down because there’s just so much going on.

  1. This dude was at a Gold Medal game between Team CANADA and Team SWEDEN wearing a Team USA jersey.
  2. He was actually wearing THREE jerseys at the same time.
  3. TWO of those jerseys were different Team USA jerseys.
  4. The very last one he was wearing at the bottom layer was for Team Sweden.... WHY WASN’T HE WEARING THAT ONE AS THE TOP LAYER???

Makes no freaking sense to me. It’s just a shame that something so small and petty overshadowed the great game that came before it.

But you know what makes even less sense to me? Taking the time to rip a teenager because he did not lose the way you want him to. I don’t really care how you think Lias Andersen should or should not have handled himself, I personally find it a lot more embarrassing for someone to judge him according to their personal standard of “class” like they get to be the moral defender sportsmanship or something. So fuck you and the high horse you rode in on.

Also, the Leafs are playing the Vancouver Canucks tonight so that should be fun. Maybe seeing Brock Boeser vs Auston Matthews will be a good palette cleanser.

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Happy Saturday everyone!