In the recent 31 Thoughts Podcast, Friedman divulged some new maybe-sorta news in the recent history of other NHL teams trying to negotiate with Marner’s camp about an offer sheet. Emily Sadler  summarized one of the juicier bits in her piece on Sportsnet:

Friedman, when asked by Marek, said this:

“This is what I’ve heard about Marner. And again, everybody’s being quiet so we’ll see how close to the truth this actually is. Last Friday, when Joey said that, everybody was talking about the Islanders. I think there was another team before that and my belief is that team was Columbus. I think they were thinking about it.”

Friedman indicated that, in Marner’s case, term is what proved to be a big obstacle between Marner and the Blue Jackets.

“I think what happened was, if Columbus was going to do it, it had to be for seven years. And I think what I heard Marner was looking for, or his side was looking for, was less term than that,” Friedman said. “But I had multiple people telling me that they thought if anybody was going to do it, it was going to be Columbus.”

Now, aside from him once again butchering his thinking thoughts that he thinks he thought but thought it thinks thinkingly, I can’t help but read this and laugh.

Because if it’s true, it shows a problem with Marner’s camp and how they’re trying to use other teams signing him to an offersheet. The Leafs reportedly offered Marner a long term, 7 or 8 year deal already... and they turned it down. They want a shorter term deal.

But why would a team want him for a shorter term, if they’re also paying him $11+ million per year, AND giving up 4 first round picks? You’d have to think it gets less worth it for them to sign him at that cost unless it’s longer term.

So your move, Ferris. What’re you gonna do when you won’t sign a long term deal with any team, and other teams are less interested in signing Marner unless it’s for longer term or less money?

Just sign with Toronto, Mitch. You know you want to.

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