The Leafs have now:

  • Clinched a playoff spot
  • Reached 100+ points in a season for the first time in over a decade
  • Had an actually good goalie tie (and hopefully break) the record for most wins in a regular season
  • Crushed Tavares’ soul so it can be reforged in the fires of a Stanley Cup run in a Toronto Maple Leafs’ jersey/

You can read more about Tavares’ crushed soul in Katya’s recap on last night’s 5-4 win.

Tonight, the Leafs will take on the rested Winnipeg Jets. After playing Andersen last night, the Leafs will likely go with McElhinney in net for this game. What you didn’t know is that the Leafs decided to follow the Chicago model and call up a mid-30’s accountant who last played serious competitive hockey more than 10 years ago as their backup.

You won’t be able to tell the difference between him and McElhinney!

(I say with love. McElhinney is getting the results but seeing that accountant with Chicago play was eerily reminiscent of our backup).

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