I was lucky enough to miss the first chunk of Saturday night’s game vs the Boston Bruins, and by the time I went to tune in the game was already at 6-1. Needless to say, I didn’t bother tuning in for the rest.

It wound up being an ugly Friday-Saturday-Sunday for the Toronto Maple Leafs in terms of results. Sure they had a frantic comeback to steal a point from the Detroit Red Wings — but they also were playing pretty poorly to be down 4-1 entering the third period.

Then there was the disaster of the Bruins game. I’ll trust what I saw and heard others whose opinion who watched the game about the box score looking uglier than their actual performance. By the sounds of it, the myriad of dirty and ugly hits didn’t help perceptions of the game’s final results including the fact that somehow Zach Hyman wound up being the only one to receive a suspension.

And there’s some good. Auston Matthews continues to rack up goals and points, William Nylander is getting back into the swing of things and has yet to be scored against when he’s on the ice, and who knows maybe they’ll come together more as a team after that game we shall never speak of again.

So, all in all, let’s just ignore the last three days happened — more importantly, let’s not pretend the last three days are in any way predicting the future or tarnish their great season to date.

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