After his player got suspended, Matt Allan Walsh called out the kangaroo court that is Player Safety for having no accountability and creating an environment for vigilante justice or nothing. Let him cook.

Additionally, David Perron got 6 games for cross-checking Artem Zub on the play that knocked Dylan Larkin out.

Huge celebrations from Mr. Tavares when the Leafs tied the game with 7 seconds to go, ruined by the vapid expression from the miserable s.o.b. that is Paul Marner.

I wonder if Mitch asked to bring his dog, Zeus, on the dad's trip instead. At least Matt Martin was in the building.

WJC camp is underway for Canada. Leafs Fraser Minten and Easton Cowan are in the mix when you look at the line rushes. Cowan is on the wing of the possible third line, while Minten is one of the possible fourth line centres.

Today's the day final rosters are due in the PWHL. After today, teams have an international break – Five Nations Cup for Sweden, Finland, Czechia, Germany, and Switzerland, and Rivalry Series for Canada and the USA – before they comes back together for the start of the season on New Year's Day!

Victoria Bach has been absent for many of the weekday training camp sessions. We have some clarity now thanks to The Sun+Kyle Cushman who have been on top of the Toronto team the past couple months. She's finishing her teaching degree! I can't help but feel kinship there. Good luck with the internship/practicums and hope to see you on the ice soon, Ms. Bach!

Sick pads from NY goalie Corinne Schroeder.

Some money talk to end the FTB off. I guess you don't need interest when you're getting the better part of a BILLION DOLLARS anyway. Don't worry about chasing any decimal points.

Rogers is selling their minority stake in Cogeco in Quebec. The other end of the Ohtani money?