The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired the 25th pick in the NHL Draft for 2022. Not in a trade, but because the Hurricanes lost in the second round and pushed the Leafs higher up the draft order. The Leafs official picks are 25th, 78th, and 217th (out of 224 total).

The draft probably isn’t going to be a focus for the Leafs. They’ll take a top pick, middle pick, and late pick, and that’ll be about it. Last year Dubas made no trades at the Draft, but he made a few pick trades in 2020.

On Rasmus Sandin, who was brought up by Elliotte Friedman in his latest podcast as someone who might have an uncertain future with the Leafs. Specifically Friedman said a couple people spoke to him and said there might be something there with regards to the defense arrangement and cap considerations for next season.

There are two avenues for thought here that aren’t exclamatory yelling.

One is that Dubas likes Sandin (it doesn’t matter if you do, it matters if he does) and he’ll find a way to get Sandin a regular lineup spot. However, with Rielly, Muzzin, and Giordano newly signed/on a NTC, it won’t be simple. It’s doable to trade Muzzin, but again, not simple.

The other is genuinely exploring a Rasmus Sandin trade. What is his real ceiling (many people have many opinions), what style of defenseman is he and what does he need with him? From there, what can the Leafs get on the open market. Maybe a bonafide, young, top-six forward? Maybe a goalie? It’s worth looking into if the first two questions don’t come out as “#3” and “doesn’t need a babysitter.”

Katya is going to delve into this a lot more in her article later this morning. Stay tuned.

Various Leafs and Branches

Canada has announced their roster for the 2022 Women’s World Juniors (U18). Most of the team is the same from the original roster, but a few players aged out.

Nick Robertson is young and has been amazing in the AHL. Just don’t screw him up, Leafs. He has the offense, he just needs to develop the rest of his game. The Leafs also need to figure out what kind of player they’re going to have; forechecker, sniper, playmaker?

Imagine how much money the NHL (and players) have lost without Auston Matthews and the Leafs in the conference finals and finals? Probably a healthy few percentage points.

The players 20 and under on this list will re-enter the NHL Draft, the rest are free agents. Might be the equivalent of a free pick for the Leafs to pick up one or two of these players. Maybe Brigs has some thoughts on this list?


Here is the Conference Finals schedule, starting tonight in Colorado.

The Canucks are quickly trying to grow their front office and development staff, led by Cammi Granato. The Sedins have official roles now, alongside a few other former players.