Happy Wednesday, y’all.  It may be warm outside, but we have ice-cold hockey content coming your way, with #18 on the Top 25 Under 25 followed by Women’s Hockey Wednesday.  And of course, our daily links.  See below.


Kevin: Top 25 Under 25 #19, Andrew Nielsen The Marlies defender with the booming shot clocks in at 19th.

Katya: Pipeline Updates We updated our document tracking exactly who is in the organization.

Katya: William Nylander Is One Of Kronwall’s Stars William Nylander is joining a bunch of Swedish NHLers for an exhibition game, and he’s definitely one of the team’s best.  Willie’s come a long way.

Around the NHL

The Sporting News: “Auston Matthews” Rapper SVDVM On Hit Song, Maple Leafs Fandom HIT ‘EM WITH THE FOUR LIKE AUSTON MATTHEWS

Matchsticks and Gasoline: Flames Top 25 Under 25 #19, David Rittich Other sites are also ranking their prospects.  This entry features a Swedish goalie distinguishing himself in the AHL.

Copper and Blue: Oilers Top 25 Under 25 #25, Bogdan Yakimov He’s large!  He’s a centre!  He can’t skate!  Wait, that last thing is bad.

Arctic Ice Hockey: Jets Top 25 Under 25 #23, Logan Stanley When the Jets drafted Stanley in 2016 our overlord Scott Wheeler tweeted “The Winnipeg Jets just moved up to take a player whose ceiling is as a third pairing defenseman.”  The Jets fans did not like it!  Anyway yeah it turns out things aren’t going so well for Stanley.

Broad Street Hockey: Flyers Top 25 Under 25 #19, Alex Lyon Lyon came off an impressive college goaltending career, but has struggled somewhat in the AHL.

The Hockey News: How Does Crosby Measure Up To The All-Time Greats at 30?  This is a simple look-at-the-hardware evaluation, but Sid sits comfortably in the top five all time.  Gotta wonder how much closer he could have come to Gretzky if he’d been healthier, though.

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