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What do you do with a rookie Czech kid? - Stanley Cup of Chowder
I hate that Pastrnak is so good and plays for the Bruins. To put it in perspective, he's the same age as Nylander and is >PPG in the AHL . He also has 4 goals in 2 NHL games.

LeBrun's Rumblings (ESPN)
He discusses Pastrnak as well, along with contract talks between the Kings and Justin Williams.

Ryan Suter has a hearing with DOPS
Pretty nasty elbow on Downie

The NHL’s History of Ridiculous All-Stars
DGB takes a look at the weirdest All-Star selections. Most of them are Sens.

Eye Test: How can Shea Weber's stats be this bad?
Reconciling Weber's reputation and his poor fancystats

Watch the Sabres retire the Dominator's Jersey
The best goalie I've seen in my lifetime.

Hasek's greatest moment
He catches Gaborik with his head down (via /r/hockey)

Leafs Links

We might have a PED problem.

Kyle Dubas on Nylander, from a few days ago

Mirtle: Leafs defensive game dramatically improved despite loss
Mirtle sees some positive signs

LFR8 - Game 43 - Corsi Kings - Tor 0, LA 2
Dangle speaks reason at 150 decibels