Brad Treliving and Auston Matthews spoke to the media in a press conference following the announcement of their extension agreement during the week. Treliving spoke highly of Matthews, saying both he wanted to get the deal done over the summer, and he could've made the contract look much worse; both indications of his leadership, according to Treliving.

I also found it funny when Dave McCarthy mansplained what an eight-year deal would look like to Treliving.

MLHS has a transcript of the press conference, continuing their great work.

Brad Treliving on Auston Matthews’ new contract: “He could’ve demanded a hell of a lot more than he got... He’s committed to the city and to the team”
After signing Auston Matthews to a four-year, NHL record-setting $13.25 million AAV contract, Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving discussed the process of reaching a deal, his feelings on the four-year term, and his other remaining priorities this offseason. Can you walk us through how the contract negoti…

Auston had to repeat himself a few times that what he and the Leafs came to was the right balance, both to keep the AAV down for the team and giving him enough term security. The reporters seemed to be confused and he had to repeat that the term wasn't the first thing that was decided, but instead something both sides settled on.

Focus landed on myself and Brigs in the comments about our rankings of Easton Cowan as he ended up 10th in the T25. I got a stuck on seeing vs believing when it came to him, as the fact he got picked by the Leafs was one of the few statements on his high potential. For me, he was either going to be up with Niemelä, or somewhere in the group behind him, The uncertainty was too much for me, next year it'll be less.

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Easton Cowan is 10th
Say hello to Easton Cowan, the Leafs first round pick from the 2023 NHL Draft. And as is inevitably the case, he’s not simply allowed to be a prospect, but a foil for arguments about the NHL team today. Let’s begin his T25U25 profile with what Easton Cowan is, and

The New York Rangers hired some folks.

Rick Westhead: Insurers refusing to provide coverage in CHL abuse lawsuit, court documents say | TSN
Insurance companies are threatening to withhold coverage from Hockey Canada and the Canadian Hockey League and its three major junior leagues and teams as they battle a high-stakes hazing, bullying, and abuse lawsuit, court documents say.