Five days ago, Leafs fans were given hopeful news when they saw William Nylander retake the ice in a non-contact practice with the Toronto Marlies.

The front office warned that they would be extremely cautious with his injury, and guarantee that he would be 100% healthy before returning. In the words of Kyle Dubas, "[T]here’s not going to be any type of pushing to come back sooner or earlier. He’s 19 years old, he’s got a lot of runway in front of him in terms of his potential and his career, and the onus is on us to do what’s right for any player that is injured that is that young."

Now, exactly a month after Chris Egli's hit, we have evidence that Nylander is genuinely healthy and not just "hockey healthy":

Jonas Siegel@jonasTSN1050 William Nylander taking part in his first full practice today since suffering a concussion at the World Juniors.Concussion protocol dictates that if Nylander shows any signs of a setback he'll slow down again, but here's crossing fingers that he'll make it through yet another step.