$12.99, 128 pages, all Leafs, no ads.

That's right folks. It is that time again. The Barilkosphere and Friends have worked to put together the second annual Maple Street Press Maple Leafs Annual. Alec Brownscombe has assembled an even better cast of contributors than last year and once again showed great patience with my submission which was, as Junior predicted, completed just in the nick of time. The fun part of this for myself is that I get to hold this up as a real publication that I can throw in William Houston's face. It will be cool to see this one on the stands next to The Hockey News' and other major Leafs' previews. Actually, I would say that this one is major. Well, maybe if I was British. MattBlack can say it for me.Preorders will ship on August 17 and include a $5.00 shipping charge.

Just like last year, Brian Burke has not co-operated as he has failed to deal with Tomas Kaberle before our publication deadline. Hopefully it turns out as good as last year when Alec had to scramble to deal with the departure of Justin Pogge. I wrote about the Leafs' terrible defence since the lockout (hint: I don't exactly blame the defencemen) and Chemmy wrote about numbers because he wears glasses. There are also a couple of mittenstringers both reformed (Wyshynski) and current (DGB) in the mix, the goaltending genius of Justin Goldman, two of the smartest hockey bloggers in Dirk Hoag and Gabe Desjardins, and some guy that's always bitter.

After the jump there are some of the highlights:

  • Detailed player by player scouting information, advanced statistics and innovative statistical graphics for the 2010-11 roster

  • An interview with GM Brian Burke on change and the outlook for 2010-11

  • A look at the controversial legacy of 1960s Leafs head coach Punch Imlach, with reflections from Leaf greats Johnny Bower, Red Kelly, Dick Duff, Larry Hillman & more

  • A position by position look at the 2010-11 Leafs roster

  • The inside scoop on the Leafs’ 2010 off-season additions, organizational philosophy and evaluation with Leafs Vice President of Hockey Operations Dave Poulin

  • A review of the 2010 draft with the perspective of Leafs head scout Dave Morrison

  • Statistical analysis of the importance of first round picks: can the Leafs go their own way?

  • Analysis of the Leafs’ cap situation with looks at the constitution of past Cup winners

  • A Nazem Kadri feature (including thoughts from Morrison and director of player development Jim Hughes) & list of the Leafs’ Top Prospects in Fall 2010 & Darkhorses

  • An interview with potential sixth round steal Jerry D’Amigo

  • An in-depth look at the Marlies’ season that was and will be with thoughts from head coach Dallas Eakins, Poulin, Jay Rosehill and Tim Brent
  • Projections for the Leafs offense and defense
  • An in-depth, goalie-by-goalie scouting evaluation of Leaf goalies (Jonas Gustavsson, Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Ben Scrivens, James Reimer, Jussi Rynnas)
  • Takes on how new media is changing coverage of the team with thoughts from MLSE social media strategist Jonathan Sinden

Ensure yourself a copy of the Maple Leafs Annual here.