For today's FTB, I have few words. Yesterday, details about the Winter Classic was released, along with the jerseys. Quite quickly, twitter was full of McDonald's jokes regarding the Flames' jerseys. Honestly, I think these are even worse than the Habs' barber shop jerseys of last season. It would probably be kinda cool if there weren't so many stripes on the sleeves, and these old style sweaters just do not translate well with the new jersey material used today. Brutal. And don't even get me started on why it's the Flames-Habs. What history rivalry do these teams have, exactly? I understand that the first Heritage Classic was the Oilers - Habs, who are also without a rivalry, but at least both of those teams have had dynasties in the past and the Alumni game that was played prior to the current clubs' playing gave the match up some context. There is no logical reason for these two teams to play, however. The game is in Calgary, why not have it against their biggest rival, the Vancouver Canucks? Frankly, the Canucks are probably the only team that have a chance of actually making this Calgary jersey look good, they have some rather horrific sweaters they've worn in the past. And this year marks 40 years since they came into the league, so it could dovetail with their history. And the Habs... again? Really? I'd rather see the Senators play in a Heritage Classic before having the Habs rake in that dough for a second time before giving another Canadian team a chance at it. I'm pretty sure Eugene Melnyk agrees with me on that on anyways. Uh.... anyways, so much for this FTB being of few words, I like to rant. If you've ever wondered why, this song explains it all.

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