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This is my last FTB.  I will no longer be writing for PPP.  I am not going to discuss my reasons in public, just call it irreconcilable differences.  So without further adieu, here are your links: * We don’t have to talk Kadri anymore; the Leafs could do worse than

How about that football?

Well thanks to the Leafs' loss to the Canucks, yesterday I had to deal with no less than 6 people offering me "condolences" on the loss.  It was an interesting day, although at least my husband had warned half of them to take it easy on me


Even though the Leafs did a lot of really good things in tonight's game, they still came out at the wrong end of the scoreboard.  Giggy outplayed Luongo except when it mattered the most... on a routine shot from Raymond from the blue line that went right through

Whatever you gotta do

I'd like to commend everyone who was here for the GDT last night.  It was a pretty hard game to watch but you all managed to keep the criticisms pretty fair for the most part, which made it enjoyable.  But today we're now looking at a

0 Leafs - Panthers 2 Period 3

Panthers get lucky on the PP.  Not much to say.  The Leafs are trying.  They just can't do it.  Monster is performing excellently.  The Leafs start the third on the power play.  Here's a picture of my puppy to cheer you up. Period 3 game thread.

Some Useful Reading

The one thing I both love and hate about the beginning of the NHL season is the influx of new commenters on PPP.  On the one hand I love it because we really need fresh ideas at times, especially after a long summer spent re-hashing the same few topics.  At

Monster Appreciation

Of course I'm not talking about "monster" in Pierre McGuire terms, instead I mean our very own Jonas Gustavsson. The Monster has seen some dark times since he chose our team over others such as the Dallas Stars, the Colorado Avalanche and the San Jose Sharks.

Leafs vs. Sens: Time to Bounce Back?

Tonight's game against the Sens gives the Leafs a weak opponent to hopefully kick start their scoring.  If the boys can't put a few in on Elliott when facing a defense with the likes of Karlsson, Gonchar and Campoli, then there are some serious troubles. Lines

Who Needs Sleep?

When I was in university, our motto was "sleep is for the weak". We'd pull all nighters at least once a week, average about 4hrs of sleep on the nights we did fall asleep, and in general say funny things due to lack of sleep. Our

Need Coffee

My weekend was great and exhausting, how was yours?  I don't have much for you today, my weekend was spent considering life changing decisions so I didn't even get to enjoy the entire Leafs game on Saturday (is enjoy the wrong word?).  Fortunately for me, I

Leafs vs. Bruins - No Snack Pack

This just in from Jonas640: Kris Versteeg out tonight. John Mitchell takes his spot on the second line. Mike Zigomanis in on the fourth line. So time to get your drink on, people.  JFM is on the 2nd line. Appropriate song after the jump.  This is your game day thread.


I just saw the best commercial on TV ever.  It features Lanny McDonald and Wendel Clark supporting Movember.  So those of you guys who aren't thinking of joining Archimedes' PPP Movember team, maybe watch this commercial and see if you change your mind. PPP Edit: Check out

The Luminous Veil

In light of the losing streak and especially the reaction to Ford's election to Mayor of Toronto, I thought I'd share with you a project that has always fascinated me:  The Luminous Veil on the Bloor Viaduct.  For those of you not familiar with Toronto, the

Going Viral

I had a hell of a day Wednesday so forgive me for the half-hearted effort here today. Besides, all the interesting stuff in the NHL happens on the nights that Skinnyfish does the FTB, which just isn't fair. All I end up with is more stupid comments on

Winning Streak Over - Point Streak Continues!

I have a tendency to be a bit of a bipolar Leafs fan.  I want to believe they'll conquer all and come out victorious no matter what, but my experiences as a Leafs fan have given me some serious fears and insecurities.  When I'm watching a

Enjoying the Ride

Since I live in Vancouver, most of my hockey enjoying fans are Canucks fans, and I am one of the few Leafs fans they know.  The Leafs' awesome start has a lot of them impressed, and rather than the put downs I had to endure last year with the

Leafs 4: 3 Rangers in OT: Post Game Thread

Well that was an interesting game. The Leafs looked good in the first but came out of it down a goal. Then in the second period Bozak to Kessel worked their magic, and Clarke MacArthur scored his 5th goal of the season to set a record as the only Leaf

Leafs 3: 1 Rangers WOOOO

Gaborik and Drury injured, Lundqvist pissed off, MacArthur sets a Leafs record for scoring a goal in each of his first 4 games... this is amazing I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!

Leafs: 0 - 1 Rangers, Period 2

The first line has looked really good but Lundqvist is standing tall.  Leafs open the 2nd on the PP!  Here's your second period thread.

Parade Planned

Well there it is, people.  The Leafs have opened the season 3-0, clearly proving that they will never lose another game for the entire season on their march to the Stanley Cup Championship.  So I present to you a summary of the parade route that will be happening this summer,

Oh Thank Goodness

The Leafs are back tonight. Camp is over, the preseason has been played, and the opening night roster is set. More than anything else, I feel a great relief. I don't remember any other offseason being this long and painful. If we had to discuss Vesa Toskala'


I have a headache, there are a LOT of links today and my brain is still blown from the awesome Dion Phaneuf video I just found. I really hope he plays well enough to deserve this love I have for him. Here are your links: * Maple Leaf power-play "scary-dangerous&

Dare I Hope?

There is one thing that I have learned as a Leafs fan since the lockout: it is dangerous to hope. Once I graduated University (my thesis year happened to coincide with the lockout) I started to take hockey far more seriously, which was rather unfortunate because we all know how

The Power of the Stache

Now, I'm not much of a baseball fan anymore, and I know we've already hit our quota of baseball content here, but yesterday's letter from Cito Gaston in the Toronto star made me very nostalgic.  Back in 1993 when most of you here were

A Win's a Win

So we still don't have NHL Center Ice so I was unable to watch last night's game.  It sounds to me like the Leafs are very much a work in progress, although I'll take a win any day of the week.  Instead of watching
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