Now, I'm not much of a baseball fan anymore, and I know we've already hit our quota of baseball content here, but yesterday's letter from Cito Gaston in the Toronto star made me very nostalgic.  Back in 1993 when most of you here were caught up in the glorious run to the Eastern Conference final by Dougie, Wendel and Felix.  But back then, I was a huge baseball fan.  I have vague memories of that Leafs team, but very very distinct memories of the 1992 and 1993 Blue Jays teams.  In fact, up until the baseball strike in 1994, I was a walking encyclopedia of baseball stats and players.  My favourite was Kelly Gruber, followed, at least in 1992, but Pat Borders.  Roberto Alomar, Devon White, Joe Carter were the names of my heroes, and were in the posters on my wall.  Cito Gaston was just as much of a household name as the players, and last night he managed his final game for the Blue Jays.  Many of the Blue Jays players drew on mustaches in honour of Cito and Mustache Power was given credit for the Jays' win.  For one night, I was 10/11 years old again, remembering how much I loved baseball and the feeling of watching my heroes win the ultimate championship in their sport, for the first and second times ever in Canada.

I guess it's lucky for all of you that in 1994 there was a baseball strike, and the Leafs traded for the man who made me fell in love with Hockey. Lots of links below the jump!