Since I live in Vancouver, most of my hockey enjoying fans are Canucks fans, and I am one of the few Leafs fans they know.  The Leafs' awesome start has a lot of them impressed, and rather than the put downs I had to endure last year with the horrible 29th finish, I'm getting a lot of questions about why I think the Leafs are 4-0, if they'll keep it up, and just my reaction in general.  I try to avoid serious answers to the first question because I am scared of this success and don't want to say something only to have that area of the Leafs' game suddenly fall apart.  And to the next two questions I answer probably not but I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can right now.  It's like finally getting your favourite meal after six years of eating the same bland crap: you want to savour every last taste of it, for fear of having to go back to the bland crap again.

I am, however, using this opportunity to redecorate my cubicle with new pictures of the Leafs, as I'm finally able to enjoy the decorating at the same time as winning, for once.  If anyone has any suggestions for decorations, that'd be great, but in the meantime I've got a calendar and 1967 Leafs team card (courtesy of our very own Hungry Leafs Fan) and a Leafs plush toy, and a few game photos.  How are you celebrating this hot start?

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