I have a tendency to be a bit of a bipolar Leafs fan.  I want to believe they'll conquer all and come out victorious no matter what, but my experiences as a Leafs fan have given me some serious fears and insecurities.  When I'm watching a game, I expect the other team to score first, the Leafs defense to collapse, bad penalties to be called on the Leafs and obvious ones missed for the other team, and for the goaltending to fail us just when we need it most.

This season, I'm trying to be different. While I still couch my hopes in reality and try not to get carried away, this is a team I am starting to believe in. They showed resiliency when Giguere had a rough game on Friday night and pulled out the win. Last night they came up against the hot goaltending of Dwayne Roloson but never looked fazed by it. This is a team that wants to win, and wants to do it the right way. There are still defensive breakdowns from time to time, and the young forwards make boneheaded moves sometimes, but I feel like with this team it's a learning process where as last year that was just the team we had. These guys want to play for eachother and they want to play to win. So I'm going to put aside my fears and look at it as glass half full. So today, instead of mourning the end of our winning streak, I am celebrating the continuation of our point streak. Woooo 5 games and counting!

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