So we still don't have NHL Center Ice so I was unable to watch last night's game.  It sounds to me like the Leafs are very much a work in progress, although I'll take a win any day of the week.  Instead of watching the game, I participated in the live draft for PPPPP Division 1.  I picked 2nd overall, behind our illustrious overlord PPP.  He took Ovechkin, I took Crosby.  After that I got stressed out so I really have no idea just how well my team turned out.  Why am I stressed?  Because Bell mobility is retarded.  I'll leave it at that.

I just hope we get Center Ice soon so that I can get back to watching the Leafs to relieve my stress.  Or give me a distraction.  Or feed my addiction.  Or, uh, just give me another reason to want to drink?  Whichever.  Lots of links after the jump (woooo hockey's back!)