Well thanks to the Leafs' loss to the Canucks, yesterday I had to deal with no less than 6 people offering me "condolences" on the loss.  It was an interesting day, although at least my husband had warned half of them to take it easy on me lest they want to hear a diatribe on their team's horrible theatrics and the fluke goal that won them the game.  After enduring this I felt I needed another sport to soothe my nerves.  So first I watched the CFL's western conference semi-final where, of course, the team that I cheer for lost (although I don't love them even a tenth as much as I love the Leafs so that was OK).  And then I watched some New England Patriots.  It sure is nice to watch a successful sports franchise for a change.  And that Tom Brady sure is pretty.

It seems I'm not the only one who wasn't overly concerned with the Leafs yesterday; there are just a few links for you to read today: