The time has come. After careful consideration we've decided not to have paid entry so you big boned types will have to compete solely on the honor system unless there are secret prizes handed out at the end of the contest (there will definitely be prizes). Want to enter? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Email me using the link on the bottom of the page with the following:
  2. Your username, real name, and current weight. I'd like a picture of your scale displaying your weight. It doesn't need to have anything more than your feet in view: I just need to see the scale and be able to read your weight. You'll be weighing in with pictures periodically to prevent cheating.
  3. Post in the thread saying you've entered.
  4. An acknowledgement that you understand that starving yourself is a really bad idea. A healthy weight loss goal includes changes in diet and exercise. You should be looking to lose two pounds per week.

That's it! The contest will go until Friday December 10th giving you all plenty of chance to lose some pounds. Go get 'em!