Jason Orach

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Is the Kessel hot dog story real?

Upon further examination, Simmons' claims just don't pass mustard.

Keith Olbermann tears up Steve Simmons

Keith Olbermann had strong words about Steve Simmons, Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs on his show today.

Leafs sign Mark Arcobello

The Leafs have signed a guy who claims to be an NHL center in Mark Arcobello.

Phil Kessel Traded to Pittsburgh

The Leafs have moved superstar winger Phil Kessel.

Painkillers and Double Standards in the NHL

Rumor has it that Mike Richards was detained at the Canadian border for trying to cross with prescription pain killers. The Kings will use this charge to attempt to terminate his contract.

Leafs Steal Martin Marincin from Oilers

The Maple Leafs have traded literal garbage for an NHL roster player. Nice.

As Expected Leafs Land Best Coach In League

Was there ever any doubt?

Babcock to Toronto? Speculation Heating Up

Is Mike Babcock coming to Toronto? This is starting to get interesting.

Leafs fire Horachek and Nonis: Our thoughts

Dave Nonis and Peter Horachek were let go today.

David Clarkson Unceremoniously Thrown Away

The Leafs traded David Clarkson. Seriously.

A Primer: PDO and Normal Distributions

Many of our readers don't have backgrounds in statistics. With the Leafs' recent skid after a coaching change I think some of this might be interesting.

The Best Hockey Story I Ever Heard on a Tuesday

Professional good guy and father to at least thirty children <a href="http://www.twitter.com/mennoknight">@mennoknight</a> graces us with his presence and this fantastic true* story he was a primary witness to.

Leafs at Red Wings: Gustavsson In Net God Help Us

Jonas Gustavsson is incredibly and profoundly terrible at playing goal. We all know how this likely turns out.

Will Colton Orr Keep Fighting? Why?

What&#39;s going to happen if Colton Orr keeps fighting?

The Leafs Summer of Analytics Continues

The Leafs have hired Darryl Metcalf from ExtraSkater.com, Cam Charron and Rob Pettapiece.

Leafs Extend Gardiner

The Maple Leafs have extended Jake Gardiner for five years at $4.05M per year.

Poulin, Loiselle Canned, Leafs Hire Dubas (Really)

The Leafs canned two guys who know less than nothing about the NHL in 2014 and hired literally one of the best options that possibly exists.

Leafs' July 1st Wrap Up

Our thoughts on how the Leafs did on day one of free agency.

Leafs Sign Komarov

The Maple Leafs have re-signed Leo Komarov.

Leafs Sign Robidas

The Leafs have signed D Stephane Robidas to a 3 year deal worth $3M per year.



Game: Don't Sign These Guys

You need something to have fun with tomorrow. The Leafs can&#39;t sign all these guys so maybe this will bring you joy.

William Nylander: Interviewed

We were passed along this interview with William &quot;Derek&quot; Nylander, we hope you enjoy.

Culture of Entitlement

Brendan Shanahan may say the right things, but his big decision so far makes it clear this is going to be the same old from the Leafs.

Carlyle in Three Acts

Randy Carlyle has been coach of the Leafs over three seasons.
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