Mark Arcobello played for four teams last season and any time you have the chance to snap up a guy like him on July 1st you have to take it. He's a hockey player I guess, the problem here is opportunity cost. At this point you're committed to Arcobello and have reduced your chance to troll through remaining free agents for deals a month from now.

It's only a one year deal at $1.1M so realistically you're only out half of the Kessel salary retention if you find something better and stuff him in the NHL, but this isn't a deal to get excited about. In his stays in Edmonton and Arizona he put up a little over .4 ppg which isn't awful.

Depth forward? Marlies fodder? Find out when you inexplicably pay money to watch the 2014-15 Toronto Maple Leafs. I propose we call him Markobello but that's just me.

Arcobello was a strong possession player last year, finishing the season with a 52.25% CF (SAT).