We'll talk more about Kyle Dubas in the doldrums of the offseason here, but this is for real. The Leafs fired cap idiot Claude Loiselle and dipshit "sign Lebda" holdover Dave Poulin and replaced them with a 28 year old analytics guy in Kyle Dubas.

I'm so happy right now I think I died and this is heaven. I have so many questions I don't even know where to start, but if this move reeks of Shanahan and Leiweke then they've certainly made a huge splash this summer after some questionable moves earlier.

This is a move that will take time to pay off, but in the fifth season since Brian Burke became GM and famously told us he wasn't interested in a five year rebuild it's interesting to me that the Leafs have put a 28 year old with an advanced stats background into place.

What's next? They use their analytics budget and hire Tyler Dellow?