There are lots of good links to share with you today, including a number of pieces on Cody Franson avoiding salary arbitration with a last-minute deal worth $3.3M for next season.

From Justin Fisher at TLN:

That $3.3M figure falls pretty much down the middle of Cody Franson's reported asking price of $4.2M and the Leafs' offer of $2M flat. These numbers, that every team and player submit prior to arbitration, are always a joke. The player will always ask for too much, while the team will always offer too little.

Again from TLN, Jeffler concludes that:

In short, Cody Franson is probably the best player in his position/age/salary/term range. That part is good, and if he has any form of resurgence this year, that $3.3M cap hit will look pretty good. The only issue, of course, is that it's such a non-ideal range to be in to begin with, and likely leads to him not being around a year from now.

A lot of things can change between now and next summer (and as Leafs fans, that's really the best we can hope for), so I think it's a bit early to be making such pronouncements, but as the Leafs' management is now, I agree that it's unlikely Franson is in their long-term plans.

For now, the main task facing the Leafs' management is simply filling out their roster without being too tight up against the cap. Again, from the Fisher article:

The Leafs now have about $9.2M remaining in cap space, with James Reimer and Jake Gardiner still to sign, and a seventh defenceman to add (probably Granberg and his $800K cap hit). While we all wait in anticipation of those new Reimer and Gardiner contracts, it's likely the Leafs enter the season with a nice cap cushion of approximately $3M. That ain't half bad.

My guess is that the Leafs come out of this with less than $3M in cap space, but that will hinge on how well Reimer does either in arbitration or in negotiation and whether Gardiner wants a bridge deal or something with a bit of term on it. Early indications are that he's looking for a bridge.

Now, on to some links:

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