Dave Nonis' trip to Finland worked, he signed Leo Komarov for $2.95M x 4 years. This strikes me as a lot of term and a lot of dollars for a guy who brought no offense in his last stint as a Leaf.

He's a fun pest and a fan favorite, but it's still not a great idea to commit so strongly to a bottom six player in term or dollars. Mason Raymond signed for around the same amount ($3.5M x 3) after scoring 19-25-44 last season. Komarov had 9 points in the shortened 42 game season on 7.8% shooting.

Pretty much sums it up. People will like watching him, but that doesn't mean he's a good signing at any price.

Via @MimicoHero


Komarov scored during his year in the KHL so hopefully the percentages turn in his favour and he can translate his puck possession strengths into actual points.