The Leafs swapped David Clarkson to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Nathan Horton. The deal centers around Horton's contract not being insured. The Blue Jackets would rather get any tiny return on the money they have to pay while the rich Leafs are happy to stash Nathan Horton on LTIR and be free of his contract aside from tagging room in the summer.

David Clarkson was garbage while he was here. Despite the trade today his contract was a bad enough signing that Dave Nonis will almost certainly be canned for signing. Expect to hear it from the guys who work at the gas station near you when he scores 3pts in 10 games next year but really who cares? He's gone.

We won't have to suffer through him gently wrestling opposing players when the refs were near, or him falling on his face eight times a period, or him spinning slowly in a circle on the second power play unit while the commentators wait for Nazem Kadri to bank pucks off his stupid head.

We won't have to listen to people who think he brought grit or compete or any other nonsense Randy Carlyle-isms. Just like Colby Armstrong before him this was a bad signing with too much money and term for a marginal NHLer.

Nice job by the management team today. I almost feel optimistic about the future.