The good part starts at 2:19.

Keith Olbermann, an ESPN personality, felt that Steve Simmons is worse than terrible Washington football team owner Dan Snyder, which has to be a big compliment to the 2013 Mittenstringer of the Year.

Olbermann points out that Simmons' terrible reporting should make us feel sympathetic to Kessel, and then goes on to lay blame at Leafs management which is probably appropriate. This is a humor segment for a national US audience, so as a Leafs fan you're probably not going to enjoy the way they talk about the team, but nothing in there is terribly off base (aside from ignoring the Leafs run of success in the mid 90s - early 00s like so many, oh well).

At any rate it's refreshing to see a major media outlet finally catch up to us and join in the chorus of pointing out what an awful garbage hack Steve Simmons is. Enjoy the clip!