TSN reports that the Leafs have traded Brad Ross and the 107th overall pick to the Edmonton Oilers for Martin Marincin.

You may remember Brad Ross from such hysterical hot takes as "trading up to draft him was a smart move" and "he'll be an NHL player some day". Luckily for Leafs fans the current regime seems able to distinguish good players from guys who should only be watching NHL games in the stands as paying customers.

Truthfully I had forgotten about Brad Ross entirely. He was suspended 20 games for using PEDs and had signed in the DEL so perhaps Edmonton wanted to dump a contract and get a 4th?

At any rate Marincin is a pretty competent defenseman. Copper and Blue wrote this about him in January:

One number that stands out from the advanced metrics is the percentage of offensive zone starts, or lack thereof, Marincin had last season. Even though he started far more often in the defensive end against tougher competition compared to his teammates on defense, he still managed a respectable Corsi rating relative to his team.


Hard usage and decent results, Marincin was a 48% Corsi player over the past two years on an awful Oilers team. We'll look into Marincin more in the coming doldrums of summer, but I'd trade Brad Ross for a McDouble and a McChicken to assemble into some sort of super sandwich so I'm pretty happy that the Leafs got an NHLer instead.