Per a Puck Daddy report:

According to multiple sources, Darryl Metcalf is one of three advanced stats analysts that are in the process of joining the Leafs to work in newly created positions dedicated to hockey metrics. Cam Charron, a blogger that most recently worked with Yahoo Sports Canada, is among that group, as is Rob Pettapiece, a blogger who worked with Yahoo Sports' Buzzing The Net junior hockey blog.

My first order of business is to extend a hearty congratulations to Darryl, Cam and Rob. I haven't conversed with Rob but the other two were regulars of our little blogosphere and were always interesting to bounce ideas off of.

A few people have said that Extra Skater didn't do original research and questioned why the Leafs would be interested. Hiring Darryl brings in someone who knows how to collect and organize complex data sets and present them in a powerful way. That has a lot of value.

Cam Charron, nee Cham Chimmons, was a blogger who wrote a ton of insightful things about the Leafs over the past few years. Rob Pettapiece is primarily a baseball analytical blogger who has done hockey statistical work, but I think there's value in bringing in an analytics guy with a slightly different view to help the Leafs search for value.

On top of the Leafs doing something way smarter than the Nonis regime we also got a good old fashioned Steve Simmons meltdown:

Congrats again to Darryl, Cam and Rob. Not bad for a bunch of armchair GMs.