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From the Branches: 11 of last 14 is good!

Canada might have lost the battle, but surely they've won the war.

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Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

Our boys in red and white have the day off. Somehow, I can't find it in my heart to feel sad that the Swiss team has to play back-to-back against Denmark, though. Denmark is even well-rested, the last team in Group A to play. I hope the Danes went to the Sweden-Swiss match to scout their opponent, too, so that they know what's hurtling at them from the blind side. Even though Denmark has no NHL prospects in its ranks, I wish them well.

Here's the complete game schedule, if you're curious!

WJC News

World Juniors recap: Canada drops opener to USA, 4-2 | PPP
"As always when Canada loses a game, there will be much hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth. But at the end of the day, a close loss to the US isn't indicative of anything other than the small margin of error Canada has when facing such strong teams. Canada will face Denmark on Monday, while the US will take on the Swedes."

World Junior Hockey: USA 4 Canada 2: Reaction and Thoughts | SBN College

U.S. tops Canada | IIHF
"Canada’s record against the U.S. in World Junior play now stands at 33 wins, three ties, and eight losses. Dating back to 2005, Canada has won 11 out of its last 14 meetings with the Americans."

An American Tale | SBN College

Finland wins their opener in a shutout over Belarus | PPP
"Kapanen was often the aggressive net-front presence on his line, and he had no trouble getting into the slot wherever he wanted to be, and had 3 shots on goal."

Sweden wins costly game against Swiss 8-3, loses Nylander | PPP

Nylander "much better" but condition still monitored | PPP
Did you know that I was threatened with rape and murder for writing this story?

UPDATE: Swiss Forward Chris Egli has been suspended three games for the hit on William Nylander.

Here are every NHL team's prospects at the 2016 World Junior Championships | SBN

A little Leafs news

Maple Leafs-New York Islanders: Sunday game preview | The Star

Maple Leafs reassign Bibeau, Clune to AHL | Hamilton Spectator
And Madore is back in Orlando, yaaaaaaaaaay! I'll be seeing him play tonight!

Other stuffs

Buffalo likes 'Eich', as Eichel makes transition to the NHL | DBDB
"I saw Jack up close at the World Championships last spring,'' Lombardi told the Globe. "I thought, ‘Holy smoke, what is this?!'"

2016 NHL draft: Deeper class than originally expected | USA Today
"Good things come in all shapes and sizes. How else do you explain that the two most prolific scorers among this year’s field of draft-eligibles are the "Mutt and Jeff" combination of Alex DeBrincat and Julien Gauthier?"

With fighting dying out in the NHL, four former enforcers are plying their trade in San Diego | ESPN
Kind of depressing to think that the minors are where fighting persists.

The NHL GMs/coaches who could get same honor as Glen Sather | NY Post
"A couple of weeks ago in Edmonton, Glen Sather became just the third general manager or coach to be honored by his franchise with a banner-raising ceremony, the other two being the Islanders’ all-time coach Al Arbour and all-time general manager Bill Torrey."

Yesterday was a bad day for hits to the head. In addition to Nylander, some NHL players gave and received blows.