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NHL All-Star Game chat: Leo Komarov takes the ice for the Atlantic Division

Leo Komarov joins Captain Jarmoir Jagr and the Atlantic Division Team to compete for the All-Star games $1,000,000 prize.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Coverage on CBC kicks off at 5:00PM EST.

NBCSN has a pre-game show beginning at 4:30PM.

Remember the format has been changed to a  mini-tournament of 20 minute 3-on-3 hockey games, pitting divisions against at each other. The Atlantic division team will play against the Metropolitan team, then the Central division team will play the Pacific team. The winners of each game will face off for a final championship game.

The start time of the games will be staggered about one hour apart. Allowing for opening montages, commercials, and intermissions, expect the actual games to start at 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15.