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Amanda Kessel returns and other women's hockey links

This is going to be a new, weekly series from us where we round up some of the best content about women's hockey.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

It's been a big week with both the CWHL and NWHL awarding their championship cups this weekend. Eight NCAA teams played for a place in the Frozen Four on Saturday. CIS Hockey took a bit of a break this weekend but the championship starts Thursday in Calgary.

We're starting the week off, though, with Amanda Kessel and a video about her triumphant return to hockey.


The Calgary Inferno upset the Canadiennes de Montreal on Sunday in Ottawa to win the Clarkson Cup. Here's Scott's recap of the afternoon. You can also see gifs of the game over at @CWHLHighlights.

Eyes on the Prize had a look back on Les Canadiennes' season.

I also recapped the CWHL Awards Gala on Friday, focusing on the Brampton Thunder.

Victory Press also had a couple great profiles on Rookie of the Year Elana Lovell and Charline Labonte.


The Boston Pride swept the Buffalo Beauts in a best-of-three series this weekend. Stanley Cup of Chowder has a recap of the game. The NWHL also dropped a bomb about Canadian expansion at the end of their broadcast that had people very puzzled.

Here's a great story about the Boston Pride's Blake Bolden

Bolden gladly serves as a mentor for black girls in hockey as well.  In an article by The Color of Hockey, Blake stated, "I love when younger black girls come up to me and talk to me.  I always give them my contact information because it is a responsibility"

When asked to elaborate what her responsibility to girls of color is, Bolden remarked, "I didn’t have a person that looked like me to idolize, and that’s completely fine … I am more than happy to take that role in advocacy for young African-American girls to even just think about picking up a hockey stick and trying it out, and just knowing that [hockey] is something they can do if they want to."

Finally, Meg Linehan has been taking some amazing photos all season. You can take a look at her work here (seriously, it's great).


Interview with Melodie Daoust | Har Journalist Sports Media

Here's an interview with gold medalist and McGill Martlet Melodie Daoust. My favourite part is where she hopes that she'll be recruited by the Canadiennes. It's always tough for a star to break into the CWHL so she's got a tough road ahead of her.

You can take a look at the schedule for championships here. Sportsnet 360 is airing the final and it looks like the rest of the games will be streamed, if you're looking for some hockey to fill up your weekend.


The Frozen Four is taking place this weekend. You can take a look at the bracket here and you can read about the teams here. Undefeated Boston College will play Clarkson University and Kessel's Gophers will play the University of Wisconsin for a spot in the championship game.

World Championships

World Championships start in a couple weeks in Kamloops. We'll have more on Worlds over here later on but here's a story from Katya about Jennifer Wakefield, who got pulled from her team in Sweden to participate in pre-tournament camp.