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GDT: Sens @ Leafs

The return of the C.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Lou Lamoriello does not believe in video tributes. Despite this, he's allowing the Leafs to play a tribute to Dion Phaneuf in honor of his first trip home after his trade. Handed to the SNES on February 10, the Leafs have yet to replace him with a captain, and when asked whether there would be another captain named soon, Mike Babcock responded, "No plan. No timeline."

Earlier today Fiddy wrote a hockey filk dedicated to Dion, to the tune of Sound of Silence. When Phil was traded, we spent the day in mourning. This trade seems more hopeful, pointing toward a new future, but Dion deserves a tribute nonetheless.

What song would you use to commemorate Dion Phaneuf's tenure with the Leafs?

And go Leafs go!