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Noreen "doesn't know" why his name was part of St. Lawrence coaching position tweet

Solar Bears coach also hints at continued involvement with Marlies.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Orlando Solar Bears held a tent sale of hockey equipment. One of the attendees was Anthony Noreen, Solar Bears head coach. Noreen's summer began in a flurry of rumors from people plugged into the college hockey circuit that he was looking for work elsewhere, soon followed by further rumors that he did not get the position.

John Buccigross @Buccigross
Hearing Orlando Solar Bears Head Coach Anthony Noreen is a finalist for @StLawrenceU job. Before that in USHL (Youngstown). #cawlidgehawkey
John Buccigross ‏@Buccigross 18h18 hours ago
Charlotte Checkers are asking permission to talk to coaching candidates which likely means Mark Morris is heading to St. Lawrence very soon

We stopped by the tent sale to ask Noreen questions about Buccigross's words, and specifically if rumors of his hunt for a college position were correct.

"I don't have social media," Noreen said, "And I first saw the tweet when Jason [Siegel, Solar Bears president] forwarded it to me. And I thought, that's interesting."

So is it true?

"I don't know why Buccigross tweeted my name, but he knows my name through college hockey, and has tweeted about me before."

So is it true?

"I have no comment about Buccigross's tweet. I'm currently under contract to the Solar Bears."

We also asked about the state of the affiliation between the Solar Bears and Toronto Marlies, and got the heartening news that although Kyle Dubas is busy, he and Noreen have been communicating daily about next season's players.

"I've been talking a lot with Kyle to plan ahead about next season's roster," Noreen said. "We've been in touch."

Sounds promising for the continued affiliation.

Garret Sparks Verified account
@OrlandoHockey any left overs from the sale? I like hockey gear.