Listen Fates, who sit nearest of gods to the throne of Zeus, and weave with shuttles of adamant, inescapable devices for councels of every kind beyond counting, Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis, fine-armed daughters of Night, hearken to our prayers, all-terrible goddesses, of sky and earth. Send us rose-bossomed Lawfulness, and her sisters on glittering thrones, right and crowned peace, and make this city forget the misfortunes which lie heavily on her heart.

-- Pindar

I wonder how many hockey blogs are posting their invocation to the Greek goddesses of Fate, today?

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Draft Lottery News

Babcock on the draft lottery:

What comes to mind when you hear the name Auston Matthews?He's a great kid. Tony Granato's brother coached him and [Matthew] Tkachuk last year so they were in my office in Detroit all the time, they'd drop in. I've seen him play a number of times, not this year, but last year. He's a big, talented guy. But, all we know for sure is that we have an 80 per cent chance of not being in on that pick. We know we're going to get a top-four pick, that's all we know and we're going to be ecstatic with whoever we get.

Are you going to wear your lucky McGill tie for the lottery?

No, I'm going to go somewhere and do something else probably. I don't even know where I'm booked to be. But no, I won't be there. I really believe in life that if you do good things, good things happen. I also believe things happen for a reason. Some young man is going to be fortunate to get to be a Leaf.

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