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PPPredictions Review: How wrong were we?

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With the NHL Awards over, it's time to look back on the predictions we made before and after the 2015-2016 NHL season.

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Ah, the NHL awards show, what a treat that was wasn't it? Watching all those winners, wow. So deserving, I'm glad I didn't pre-write this piece, so I could truly enjoy the spectacle that was the 2016 NHL Awards.

Hey speaking of, we here at PPP Kitten Ranching, Pug Depository, and "Solar Bears are the Leafs affiliate" awareness centre made some predicitons of our own. How'd we do?

Well, before the season we guessed on how the Leafs would fare, so let's take a look:

The first questions were to place the Leafs ranking in the Atlantic, the East, and the NHL:

Writer Division Conference Overall
elseldo 5th 12th 25th
clrkaitken 8th 15th 28th
Gunnar Carlsson 7th 14th 27th
Arvind 8th 14th 28th
Achariya 6th 12th 25th
draglikepull 7th 13th 27th
Actual 8th 15th 30th

I don't know if I was too optimistic (pessimistic?) about the Leafs, but I was the one who was way off, but no one picked the Leafs to finish last overall.

Next up is wins, goals for and against:

Writer Wins Goals For Goals Againstl
elseldo 35 199 273
clrkaitken 32 192 243
Gunnar Carlsson 33 200 247
Arvind 32 197 250
Achariya 36 200 240
draglikepull 34 205 225
Actual 29 198 246

We were all too high on wins, with the Leafs not even cracking 30! Arvind and I were close to being bang on with goals for, and Gunnar Carlsson was one off goals against, not bad.

Now we take a look at our trade predicitons:

Writer Who Gets Traded?
elseldo Polak, Harrington, Panik, Holland, Spaling, a goalie
clrkaitken Arcobello, Grabner, Komarov, Lupul, Panik, Polak, Reimer
Gunnar Carlsson Polak, PAP, Grabner, Matthais, Panik, Reimer
Arvind Polak, Parrenteau, Grabner
Achariya A goaltender, Komarov, Grabner
draglikepull Boyes, Polak, Parenteau, Grabner
Actual Winnik, Phaneuf, Panik, Spaling, Polak, Reimer, Matthias, Frattin, R. Rupert, Bailey, Donaghey

Most popular trade targets Parrenteau and Grabner were with the team at the end, and I can't blame anyone for missing Phaneuf, we were all blindsided by that one. Reimer was the goalie to go, and Polak was the most popular one to actually move.

NHL Awards

After the season was over we picked some award winners. Not everyone voted both times, so I'll note the pre-season and post-season predictions separately.

Writer East West Cup
elseldo Montreal Anaheim Montreal
clrkaitken Pittsburgh St. Louis Pittsburgh
Gunnar Carlsson Tampa Bay Los Angeles Tampa Bay
Arvind Pittsburgh Anaheim Anaheim
Achariya Washington Anaheim Washington
draglikepull Washington St. Louis Washington
Actual Pittsburgh San Jose Pittsburgh

Clrk was the only one to pick the Penguins to win the cup, and was close to being 100%, with St. Louis making the WCF. No one had faith in the Sharks, but a few were close with getting the state correct, atleast.

NHL Awards Hart Norris Vezina Jack Adams Calder Selke GM of the Year Art Ross Richard
Chemmy Kane Doughty Luongo Sullivan McDavid Thornton B.Murray
Scottcwheeler Karlsson Karlsson Holtby Trotz McDavid Kopitar Tallon
Ben Smith Price Karlsson Bishop Boudreau Gostisbehere Bergeron Lamoriello
Clrkaitken - Pre Crosby Keith Holtby Cooper McDavid Rutherford Seguin Stamkos
Clrkaitken - Post Ovechkin Karlsson Lundqvist Boudreau Panarin Thornton Nill
Gunnar Carlsson - Pre Crosby Hedman Rask Maurice McDavid Rutherford Crosby Kessel
Gunnar Carlsson - Post Karlsson Karlsson Holtby Babcock McDavid Kopitar Rutherford
Draglikepull - Pre Tavares Subban Holtby Maurice McDavid Holland Crosby Ovechkin
Draglikepull - Post Karlsson Karlsson Lundqvist Sullivan McDavid Bergeron T. Murray
Ari Yanover Crosby Karlsson Holtby Sullivan Gostisbehere Kopitar Nill
JP Nikota Ovechkin Karlsson Bishop DeBoer McDavid Bergeron MacLellan
Mf37 Crosby Karlsson Crawford Sullivan McDavid Thornton Lamoriello
Chris Hatzitolios Holtby Burns Holtby Gallant Panarin Kopitar MacLellan
Species 1967 Karlsson Doughty Holtby DeBoer Eichel Kopitar Nill
Birky Crosby Karlsson Lundqvist Gallant Gostisbehere Bergeron MacLellan
Katya Knappe Ovechkin Karlsson Lundqvist Sullivan Eichel Kopitar B. Murray
Arvind - Pre Crosby Karlsson Rinne Maurice McDavid T. Murray Seguin Ovechkin
Arvind - Post Thornton Karlsson Lundqvist Sullivan McDavid Bergeron B. Murray
Achariya - Pre Crosby Hedman Price Gallant Eichel Yzerman T. Johnson Kessel
Achariya - Post Gostisbehere Subban Bishop Hakstol Gostisbehere Palat Yzerman
50_MissionCap Ovechkin Karlsson Holtby Gallant McDavid Kopitar Nill
ElSeldo - Pre Crosby Subban Price Bylsma McDavid T. Murray Tavares Stamkos
ElSeldo - Post
Price Karlsson Holtby Sullivan Gostisbehere Datsyuk Lamoriello
Actual Kane Doughty Holtby Trotz Panain Kopitar Rutherford Kane Ovechkin

We didn't pick the Art Ross and Richard after the season, as we knew Kane and Ovechkin won those. No one picked Kane to win the Art Ross pre-season, with Seguin, Crosby, and Tavares being the favourites. Ovechkin had two votes as the top goal scorer.

I still stand by you Price for Hart vote. I think he had a bigger impact on the Canadiens than Kane did on the Blackhawks.

Doughty only had two votes, from Chemmy and Species, who thought like reporters who think of things by the rules of the award, not like people.

Scott was the only one to pick Trotz and made sure to let everyone know about that, where the majority picked Mike Sullivan because he deserved it.

Clrk was the only one to vote for Panarin where the majority picked McDavid. Ghost Bear was the second choice among our voters.

Selke was split among voters, the most popular picks lined up well with the PHWA voters. I gave it to Datsyuk as a retirement gift but was being too clever.

We were all over the place for GM of the Year, but Clrk picked him pre-season "for stealing Phil Kessel" and it stands as Phil led the Penguins in scoring on his way to a Stanley Cup.

There are the results, feel free to select individuals and point out their oddball picks and demand answers from them.