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How to watch Day 2 of the 2016 NHL Draft: Live stream, time, TV coverage

Day 2! Like yesterday but 6 times the picks!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Day 2 of the NHL Entry Draft starts today in Buffalo. The Leafs kick it off with pick 31.


In Canada, Sportsnet's Day 2 coverage starts at 10:00 AM EST and runs until 1:00 PM on SN Ontario, Pacific, West, and East. There's a chance the draft might run over that time-slot and the NHL Network has their coverage slated to run until 4:00

SN NOW, Sportsnet's new streaming-only subscription will be streaming. They have 7-day free trials going--this will be your only option for a free and legal stream in Canada. Be careful with that, by the way. It's set to auto-renew after the free trial is up so remember to cancel before then.

NHL Network

NBCSN hands off their coverage in the States to the NHL Network today. Their coverage also starts at 10 AM EST. They're also replaying the first round at 4:00 PM, in case you want to watch it again or something. I don't know.


TVA has the rights to the draft but they won't be broadcasting day 2.


If you can't watch, we'll be covering every single Leafs transaction and pick today. You can follow us on twitter for the quickest updates @PPPLeafs