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From the Branches: After party

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The Maple Leafs sure did a lot of things. How do we feel about them?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

There is almost too much to talk about today. Overagers! A goalie! Auston Matthews! And more important than any of the news is how you feel about it this Sunday morning. Therefore, I'm going to post a few of the best words about the draft, and encourage you to post your own article links that help explain your perspective on whether the Leafs did well or poorly.

To start us off, here are some words from Mark Hunter about Yegor Korshkov:

Korshkov, the 31st overall pick, came at the recommendation of Evgeni Namestikov, a Russian coach and occasional scout of the Leafs responsible for pushing Toronto to sign impressive rookie Nikita Soshnikov last March.

"To me, it was no-brainer," said director of player of personnel Mark Hunter. "He's got to get better of course, got to get stronger, (but) we think he's got a good upside."

Hunter described him as a big, strong talent with skill, someone who impressed at the world junior championship.

And here's Mike Babcock on the speed/youth of next season's team:

"I think we'll be really exciting," Babcock said. "I think you go fast and I think sometimes you go to the wrong places. But that's a way better group than we started with last year. To me that's what it's about, it's about progress."

CBS Sports has a really interesting breakdown of the Phil Kessel trade, pointing out that the impact is still being felt.

Toronto received: Frederik Andersen, Kasperi Kapanen, Kerby Rychel, James Greenway, 2017 second-round draft pick, 2018 second-round round draft pick, $6.8 million in salary cap space every year through 2022.

And have we seen the last from the Leafs? Probably not. Editor in Leaf says that Leafs are poking around UFA Matt Martin, who is eminently more affordable than [eyes], but who might not bring much more to the table.

Martin is known for his physicality, but not much else. That begs the question: Why are the Toronto Maple Leafs rumored to be involved with this player?

What's up with the overagers' 'size and grit' trope, anyway? Katya says that these "off the board" players are not actually that much bigger. But the Toronto Sun quoted Mark Hunter as saying:

"In this business of scouting, there are different times when people get better," Hunter said. "Every NHL team will talk about how well they drafted today. We all know we have to develop these young men, give them time to spread their wings.

"We feel good. We got a little more size today."

About that goaltender named Woll.

They call him Brick, and when you’re a goalie with Woll as your last name, that’s a good thing.

Joseph Woll, from the burgeoning hockey hotbed of St. Louis, was one of 10 players selected by the Maple Leafs on an unusual second day at the NHL draft.

Okay, enough of other people's words. What do you guys think?