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Canada Day FTB: NHL Free Agency starts at noon

Happy 149th birthday Canada!

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Stammergeddon Lucicageddon starts at 12pm! There will be TV coverage on TSN with Bob McKenzie, and Sportsnet with an empty chair.

We will have a special free agency thread later [We're actually staying here] where you can laugh about the Oilers paying Lucic $6.5M for 7 years, and whatever other nuttiness transpires.

In the meantime I hope you've all stocked up on food and booze because almost everything is closed today!

If you are desperate, most stores in the downtown Toronto "designated tourist areas" are open, including the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens and Longo's at Maple Leaf Square.

LCBO and Beer Store locations are all closed, but breweries with retail stores on premises are open, including Steam Whistle, Amsterdam, Great Lakes, Bellwoods, Trafalgar, and Mill Street. (Junction is closed)

Celebrate Canada Day with fireworks, Pride, but remember what's open and closed
Canada is 149 years old on Friday, and what a birthday celebration it is going to be.

In the meantime enjoy some Canadiana!

And to finish, the best O Canada of all time.