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From the Branches: Vacation time!

See you later, dorks.

PK Subban reacts to leaving a team full of yes men.
PK Subban reacts to leaving a team full of yes men.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I'm off on vacation in...nine hours and Scott's already gone so I'm 100% phoning it in even more than usual today. Enjoy!

Some big news on the ol' SBN front:

An exciting time of expansion around here, and there's still the Vegas site to launch next year.

Now to work on the name, it must be 67% puns.

The Eye Test Test - Winging It In Motown

Watch the video, write down your observations, and then send a self addressed stamped envelope to...

Senators Going All-In On 2017-18 - Silver Seven

Except on spending, never on spending.

Tampa Bay Lightning sign Cory Conacher - Raw Charge

I mean, the Senators said this kid was worth Ben Bishop, so it's a good idea to sign him right?

Jeff Zatkoff's day with the Stanley Cup - PensBurgh

Phil's coming soon to a Toronto near you. Unless you aren't in the GTA, then...nope.

Islanders Owner Commits to Brooklyn, Not to Coliseum, and to Full Budget for Hockey Ops - Lighthouse Hockey

Good news for Isles fans, for now,

Report: Canadiens have let go analytics specialist Matt Pfeffer - Eyes On The Prize


Down Goes Brown: The five types of goalie-for-goalie trades

Good, bad, meh, okay, and what?

The Care and Feeding of Eight Defensemen, or How Development is a Two-Way Street - Defending Big D

Something the Leafs will be dealing with as well this season.

There you go! Enjoy the time I'm not here!