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From the Branches: TGIF

Is it 5PM yet?

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Today is the final day of Leafs development camp in Niagara Falls. There will be a scrimmage open to the public starting at 10:00AM at the Gale Centre Arena. Camp winds up tomorrow back in Toronto.

Leafs centennial celebrations, logo all part of bigger Shanaplan - Scott Wheeler
The Toronto Maple Leafs' new look and new agenda are all part of a plan that started when Brendan Shannon became the team's president in April of 2014.

CWHL announces 2016-17 schedule and 10th anniversary plans - Nafio
Both the Furies and the Thunder will open the season at their respective home rinks on October 15th.

The AHL is changing its fighting rules, and Rich Clune likes it - Ari
The game's changing. It's best to adapt accordingly.

Other News

What It Takes to Build An Advanced Hockey Stats Site - VICE Sports
Visiting the league's official stats page is like looking into a funhouse mirror and seeing twisted versions of what's actually happening on the ice.

P.K. Subban trade leaves kids in tears at Montreal Children’s Hospital - Gazette
"Many kids were crying, to be frank and honest with you," said Marie-Josée Gariépy, president of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Lou Fontinato dies at 84 - National Post
Fontinato was from Guelph, Ont. He played with muscle and intimidation and rarely missed a chance to antagonize his nemesis Gordie Howe

Eakins - Edmonton 'Dearly Deserves Some Winning Hockey' - TSS
"I’m a firm believer in that if you just look after your individual days, your career will just look after itself. I’m real confident in that"

Fandom, Belief, and Hope - The Cannon
For my first article here on The Cannon, I want to discuss why I am a Blue Jackets fan and why I am hopeful for the future of this franchise.

Weber introduces new line of grills designed specifically for jersey burning - Lighthouse Hockey
Have you been overcome with the intense urge to burn a player's jersey as a way to demonstrate your feelings about their departure from your favorite team? We have just the grill for you - the EFFIGY 3000 series from Weber.

Jacob Markstrom Signs 3 Year, $11 Million Extension - Nucks Misconduct
Is all well that ends well? The Canucks agonizing post-2011 goalie story has ended with Vancouver finding the goalie Florida thought they were drafting in 2008.

Niklas 'chest hair' Hjalmarsson - Second City Hockey
He's got a lot of it.