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From the Branches: The looming specter of Vegas

Who will we protect?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

By the way, I now use American spelling solely to mess with y'all. I love my PPP family!

Hockey News

Toronto Maple Leafs: Decisions To Be Made For Expansion Draft | Editor in Leaf
The Toronto Maple Leafs will have the option to protect eight skaters or seven forwards and three defenders – the latter of which is likely going to be the route for the Leafs.

Las Vegas NHL Franchise Down to Four Options for Team Name | THW
The Las Vegas NHL franchise won’t be playing hockey this season, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be getting their ducks in a row in the mean time.

The Roster Crunch | Leafs Hub
"I decided to take a closer look to see who the 14 forwards would be to start opening night (23 man roster. 14F, 7D, 2G)"

Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: Why we should believe in Kasimir Kaskisuo | PPP
It me, writing about Kaskisuo.

KHL coaches scuffle during preseason game (Video) | Puck Daddy
"Popikhin decided that since their players were racking up the penalty minutes with some skirmishes on the ice they wanted to get involved as well."

Dallas Stars Future Outlook: Summer 2016 Edition | DBD
"One of the things that separates the good NHL franchises from the truly great NHL franchises is the ability to be a top team for long periods of time."

How do the Sabres stack up on an organizational level? | DBDB
"The Score ranked all 31 NHL teams based on different organizational aspects, and the Sabres finished in the middle of the pack."

Staal to Center Wild’s Top Line | THW

Captain of the Farm: A history of AHL captains | HEOTP
"As the IceCaps search for a new captain, a quick review of past farm team captains indicates a lack of NHL success." Truth, throughout the minors.

WATCH: Sidney Crosby plays 2-on-2 shinny, is better than everyone | Pensburgh
A fine piece of fluff by our Ari.

Inside look at Winnipeg Jets | NHL
Must we?

Peters to Fit in World Cup | THW
I do love this coach. Hope the Canes do well next season.

And finally:

We've discussed cargo shorts, but how about CAMO ones?