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Thursday's FTB: The End Is Nigh

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Our T25U25 nears its end as the season nears its start.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ho there, persons.  Your links:


T25U25 No. 3: Mitch Marner Katya gives you a deep look at one of the Leafs' star forward prospects.  This kid is going to be good.

Why Your Team Sucks: Montreal Canadiens I love 50's whole series, but this one might be my favourite.

The Scary Part of Building a Team Arvind descibes the transition into Stage II of the rebuild.

Around The Net

The Hockey News: Devin Setoguchi Rises From Rock Bottom To Earn Another NHL Shot Setoguchi describes his battle with alcoholism and his fight to get back to the big leagues.  I'd like to see him make it.

Today's Slapshot: Stalemate Continues Between Ducks And Swedish Duo Lindholm and Rakell are both neat-looking players.  Somebody ought to take them if the Ducks aren't going to use them.

Today's Slapshot: George Parros Joins Department of Player Safety Several Twitterati pointed out that despite his career as a brawler, Parros was never suspended in the NHL.

DGB: Looking Back At Five Obscure But Classic Hockey Video Games DGB talking about bizarre hockey things is always worth your time.

Defending Big D: 2016-17 Expectations for John Klingberg and Esa Lindell John Klingberg is really good.  Esa Lindell is a hot prospect, and his possible partner.

Predators T25U25 No. 3: Juuse Saros Nashville is very excited about its AHL netminder, and his chance of bucking the trend towards giant goalies.

Blackhawks T25U25 No. 7: Vincent Hinostroza Hey look, the Hawks have another talented small forward.

Jets T25U25 No. 25: Luke Green Arctic Ice Hockey is just starting its rankings now, when everyone else is finishing them.  We have reported them to the Blog Council.