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Toronto Maple Leafs cheering guide: February 26th

What? Afternoon games?

Ottawa Senators v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Well, last night didn’t go as planned. The Maple Leafs lost to the Canadiens in overtime, and now sit five points back of the division leaders. However the loser point now has the Leafs within one point of the Ottawa Senators for home ice in the playoffs, as they sit at 69 points to Ottawa’s 70.

Here is today’s late cheering guide, damn afternoon games.

Important Games

Boston Bruins @ Dallas Stars
The Bruins are currently beating the Stars 5-2 with ten minutes left in the third period. It would have been great if the score was reversed. If the Bruins hold onto the lead, they’ll knock the Leafs out of the Atlantic playoffs at down into the second wild card spot.

Ottawa Senators @ Florida Panthers
This one is a tricky one to pick, but we need the Panthers to beat the Senators in regulation. A Panthers win puts them one point back of the Maple Leafs, but keeps the Senators from taking a three point lead ahead of the boys in blue.

Semi-Important Games

Buffalo Sabres @ Arizona Coyotes
The Sabres have 62 points right now, so a regulation win for the Coyotes keeps the Sabres well back of the Leafs.

Calgary Flames @ Carolina Hurricanes
The Hurricanes are over 10 points back of the Leafs, and we want it to stay that way. Flames in regulation.

Games with no impact on the Leafs

Edmonton Oilers @ Nashville Predators
Both are sitting in their divisional playoffs. The Perds are only two points ahead of the Blues though.

Columbus Blue Jackets @ New York Rangers
This is a game to lose for both teams. Right now the Jackets have the easier playoff round, sitting in the first wild card spot they’ll play the Canadiens instead of the Penguins.

St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks
The Blues are in a wild card spot right now, a win ties them with Nashville at 69 points.

That’s it for today. Go Panthers!