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Toronto Maple Leafs cheering guide: March 2nd

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After deadline day gave s nothing to cheer for or against, here come the Maple Leafs!

Toronto Maple Leafs v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It was nice to take a day off from cheering on the Leafs, and looking at what a great season they’ve been having and focus on what truly matters.

How Eric Fehr’s cap hit that comes off the books after next season, before any of the big three need new contracts means the Maple Leafs franchise should fold, because the future is blackness and nothing matters in this world any more.

Ha, kidding.

About the blackness, but seriously let’s move on from that stupid waste of time.

It’s game day! The Maple Leafs are visiting the LA Kings who are all in on winning the cup this season.....even though they’re sitting outside of a wild card playoff spot in the west.

The Leafs are trying to catch up to the Bruins who are three points ahead of them, so they can have that third Atlantic playoff spot, and stay ahead of the Islanders, Panthers, and Lightning who are closing on on the Leafs wild card spot.

Extremely Important

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Los Angeles Kings - 10:30PM
CHEER FOR: Toronto. I just told you why.

New York Rangers @ Boston Bruins - 7:00PM
CHEER FOR: New York. The Rangers are just outside the Metro playoff picture, holding onto the first wild card spot. A win tonight could make a three way points tie between the Jackets, Penguins and Rangers.

If the Bruins get a point, it puts them farther ahead of the Leafs.

Florida Panthers @ Philadelphia Flyers - 7:00P
CHEER FOR: The Flyers. The Panthers are one point behind the Leafs, and new Panther Tomas Vanek may want to show why the return on him was shockingly low.

Colorado Avalanche @ Ottawa Senators - 7:30PM
CHEER FOR: Colorado. The Senators are three points up on the Maple Leafs, we don’t need that lead getting bigger.

Of course you could root for the Sens to win the division, and then get destroyed in round one by either Columbus, New York, or Pittsburgh.

New York Islanders @ Dallas Stars - 8:30PM
CHEER FOR: Dallas. The Islanders are one point behind Toronto. We need them to keep losing.

Nashville Predators @ Montreal Canadiens - 7:30PM
CHEER FOR: PK Subban to light up the Habs. It will be hilarious.

Somewhat Important

New Jersey Devils @ Washington Capitals - 7:00PM
CHEER FOR: Washington. A Caps win keeps the Devils from getting ideas. They’r eout of it, but heym a win streak could give them a confidence boost and the LEafs have enough teams chasing them as is.

Arizona Coyotes @ Buffalo Sabres - 7:00PM
CHEER FOR: Arizona. It’s a long shot, but a win puts the Sabres 4 points back of Toronto.

Don’t matter at all

Minnesota Wild @ Columbus Blue Jackets - 7:00PM
CHEER FOR: A good game. I mean, these are two top teams. What if we somehow get an all “2000 NHL expansion” Stanley Cup Final?

Vancouver Canucks @ San Jose Sharks - 10:30PM
CHEER FOR: Vancouver to win this game, kick off a massive win streak, and just squeak into the playoffs.