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Six in Five at 65 games

The Leafs points pace at 65 games is a glass half full or half empty.

Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

That’s not six points in the last five games. But then we knew that. The truth is, the ups and downs of the season make maintaining any pace really hard over short stretches. Only really bad teams or really good teams can do it.

The Leafs now have 72 points in 65 games which is 1.1 per game. Six in five is 1.2 per game. If they keep up that seasonal know what? There’s no reason to think they will. Not in less than 20 games left. It’s about strength of schedule and strength of the team (excellent, they have no major injuries), how the other teams play and luck. Luck is always a factor.

All the Leafs can do is the same thing they’ve always been able to do: try to win each game. Next up is the Flyers tomorrow. All we can do is watch.