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Dear Toronto Maple Leafs, please win in regulation.

I’m so, so, tired.

Washington Capitals v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Three
This is me, diving into bed.

I’m not trying to be a Danny Downer here. I’m really enjoying this Maple Leafs playoff time. Sitting on the couch with the kids cuddling under a big blanket.

Screaming and yelling at close plays, high fiving goals, booing the Capitals.

Playoff overtime has been fun too! The stress of Ovechkin and Backstrom getting too close to Andersen, Bozak and Kapanen scoring goals.

Having the first two games happen over a long weekend was great timing. Game one, Thursday night, I’m off work for Good Friday the next day and the schools are closed. We can all stay up late.

The Capitals win it in overtime. We’re up until about 10:30-11PM. that’s fine, we can sleep in.

Friday we have off, sleep in, and I have a hockey tournament. The kids came to watch and we finished in second place, left the rink at 12:30AM. Yeah, it was late - the games were 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, and pushed back because of a goalie camp ruining the ice.

Very late night, get home at 1AM. Saturday is family dinner number one. We’re off in the living room being adults and talking. the kids are watching the game in the TV room, shouting updates like “THEY’RE CHALLENGING THE GOAL BECAUSE THAT COACH IS FULL OF BALONEY”

We get home. Double overtime. What a thrill ride. In bed at midnight.

Easter Sunday. Legs still sore from hockey. Covered in bruises as I was a puck magnet and kept getting hit with shots. Are we doing an egg hunt? No, we are doing an Easter Amazing Race. Run all over the neighbourhood with the kids. Ball hockey later in the day. Again, keep getting hit with the balls. More bruises. Family dinner #2. Even more bruises. Home 10:00PM.

Monday. No rest of the wicked. Shopping. Have to return my hockey league jersey to the jersey keeper two towns over. Game three.

Leafs are behind.

Leafs start coming back.

Leafs tie the game.

Kid: So, if game one had one overtime, and game two had two overtimes....does game three have three overtimes?

I start weeping for sleep.

The Capitals do a dumb thing. The Leafs start overtime with a power play.

Tyler Bozak! My hero!

I rush the kids to bed and jump into my own. I’m too excited from the win to sleep.

Tuesday. Up at 5 for work.

Game four is tomorrow night.

Hey Maple Leafs, can you please win the next one in regulation?

We need some sleep in the seldo household.